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A view on the experience of Black LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace and how employee resource groups can support this micro community of diverse talent.

On July 20, 2022, The Collective hosted Pride Beyond June for our members and their respective Employee Resource Group (ERG) members. It was a lively open-door session that was educational and engaging with over 20+ represented financial institutions and partner organizations in attendance.

The event shed light on the experience of Black LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace and how ERGs can support this community. At the end we had a Call to Action with three key principles:

ACE = Active Allyship, Corporate Policies, Engagement with employees

ACE is recommended to be embedded within organizations to encourage participants to continue to be Allies, challenge corporate policies to be inclusive and engage with colleagues to ensure you are creating safe spaces to have these types of open discussions.

On Allyship...

...We should also look at evaluating our Employee Resource Groups. Some questions to consider could be "Do Members feel included and is it a safe space?...

Thank you to our cohosts, Marquis Green of London Stock Exchange Group, Sashalla Lemond of Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, Edgar Peterson of CUSIP Global Services and our audience members for their participation.

To learn more on the content discussed please download the attached deck.

The Collective - CF BERG - Pride Beyond June Deck
Download PDF • 11.37MB

For comments, questions, or suggestions please contact

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Updated: Feb 8, 2022

We are pleased to announce that The Collective (CF BERG) have released our first edition White Paper guide for Black Employee Resource Group Leaders.

The Purpose of the White Paper is to provide best practices and ideas to help drive growth, success and positive impact for ERG leaders to effect change.

In this issue:

1. Return to Office 2. ERG Membership Engagement

3. ERG and Business Strategy 4. ERG Leaders Self-Care

We encourage you to share this with your organizations.

Thank you to all our ERG Members for contributing to this edition. For comments, questions, or suggestions please contact

The Collective-White Paper FINAL Feb22 v8
Download PDF • 6.57MB

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